Grading suite - Assimilate Scratch with HD2Line reference monitors and 5 meter screen;,  SONY 4K Cinealta SRX110 film projector;
Scannning room (scanning & film restauration) - SteadFrame Scanner made by

P+S Technik is used for film telecine in range of formats 16/35 mm;
DIAMANT - Digital Film Restoration suites with several manual cleaning licenses;
Eyeon Fusion compositing 4 stations;
AVID HD suite (4 separate HD video/film suites);
3D Autodesk Maya Unlimited suite with Autodesk Toxic;
Cambridge Animation Systems Animo; 

Adobe CS 6 Production Premium; 

easyDCP Creator Fraunhofer IIS;

ProTools Digidesign audio suite (3 fully equiped audio suites) with SSL XLogic SuperAnalogue channel, SSL XLogic Multichannel Compressor, C Electronic system 5000M, Eventide Ultra Harmonizer H9000


Large scale NAS/SAN ISILON storage 200 TB


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