The SRX-R110 is Sony's large-venue projector tailored with stunning features and picture performance to address the quality-critical demands in Digital Cinema applications and other large-venue systems.. Combining the highest resolution "4K" SXRD imaging device with contrast ratio of 1800:1, the SRX-R110CE achieves high-quality images with rich and precise color tonal reproduction. The SXRD 4K projector have a native resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels to offer the highest resolution on the market. Optional input cards enable the projector to accept native 4K (4096 x 2160) signals as well as 2k and HD signals which it internally up-converts to display at 4K.


_Feature film “Duh u mocvari”, 46. International children’s festival, Sibenik, 2006

_Days of Mozart, Zagreb Concert Management , Trg P. Preradovica, Zagreb, 2006

_Days of Israeli films, Issa film, Kaptol centar, Movieplex, Zagreb, 2007

_Feature film “Duhovi Sarajeva”, Premiere, Olympic hall Zetra, Sarajevo, 2007

_Apple presentation, Powercom sistemi, 2007

_Obala Art centar Sarajevo, 14. SFF Panorama: 24 city, Sarajevo grad filma, 2008

_Sponzorship: Pula Film Festival, Kino Valli, 2009-2010

_Feature film “Koko i duhovi”, “Banda puzeva”, International children’s festival, Sibenik, 2011 

_Feature film “Duh babe Ilonke”,  International children’s festival, Sibenik, 2012